Can you open a Demat account via WhatsApp?


WhatsApp is the most famous platform while this appears to message & some other modes of exceptional communication. Now, this WhatsApp is moving beyond as a messaging app. With these WhatsApp payments, every people can receive & send money just best on the UPI. This train the update permits the users to invest in the IPO & also open Demat account online, which will help you very much.

Currently, this WhatsApp get permission from NPCI to expand the payment of this user base! A unified payment interface generally best the WhatsApp payment service had gates the permission to make a double user base. Apart from this, this WhatsApp payment has another essential update.

Famous investment platform has invested in this IPO & opening the Demat account quickly. These also can be done above on WhatsApp. And this provides full support for every IPO & the application which will be related to the investment. Essentially, the interested investor does not have to register to avail of the modern feature.

Step for opening a DEMAT account on WhatsApp:

You can easily open that Demat account & invest in the upcoming IPO with that chat window of WhatsApp.

Here we are giving a simple guide by which you can easily open the DEMAT account on WhatsApp. Let’s check it in detail.

Step 1: First, you are required to save WhatsApp number.

Step 2: at the next step, you have to open the WhatsApp chat and then type open the account

Step 3: You have to enter your verified mobile number with the specific OTP.

Step 4: and then enter the email ID & also verify this with the particular OTP.

Step 5: deliver the additional details such as birth date, PAN number, etc.

Step 6: After that, you will also be redirected to the page, for finishing the set of this DEMAT account.

WhatsApp payments along: the security concerns

This payment has also made things easy by bringing the UPI best payments to a famous messaging stage. At that time, being secure & alert on the online stages was the requirement of an hour. And in this particular case, a person could quickly raise the security issues while this appears to be opening the Demat account/ investing in the IPO on a platform.

Platforms have also assured all documents will be secured. It assures that no virus/ malware files get downloaded into the smartphone so that your documents will be secure automatically.


Also, this assures that documents will not be shared anywhere. And with these particular precautions, WhatsApp aims to keep the users secure when opening the Demat account / investing in the IPO.

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