Eight Things to Know about Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program


Canada is in general in lookout for talented and skilled entrepreneurs under their recent Start-up Visa Canada in 2022. It is their ideas for business stimulation that leads to progress of the Canadian economy. For Canada start-up visa you can find top three sources from the category of angel investors, venture capital funds and a Business incubator.

Here are Eight Things you need to know about Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program:

  1. As an immigrant entrepreneur you should be able to showcase that your business idea is unique and will be able to generate jobs in the local area as well as recruit people from the local population. For eligibility for the Canada Start up Visa the person applying hold a minimum of 10% of the voting rights which are attached to all shares of the company.
  2. Get a letter of support from a designated entity such as venture capital funds, angel investors or in the form of business incubators
  3. Canada Start up Visa program was launched in 2018 as a pilot program built from strength to strength. In terms of Canadian immigration, this program’s purpose has been to hire innovative Canadian entrepreneurs and connect them with private sector investors.
  4. The Canada start up visa is created for the individuals who do are gifted with a high business calibre, who can put in a significant amount of human capital, also known as investment.
  5. As an entrepreneur, all you need is a great idea and a platform that helps you get your business in the limelight, which is why an economically prosperous and progressive international business hub like Canada has launched its Start-up visa program.
  6. With this visa, you get Long term permanent residency perks such as free education and subsidized fees, free healthcare services as well as social security benefits.
  7. For Indian entrepreneurs there is no better and quick pathway to residence than the Canada start-up visa program with all the added benefits for new age immigrant entrepreneurs.
  8. Companies belonging to various sectors such as aerospace, fin-tech, clean-tech, ED-Tech and mobility have been encouraged to come to Canada and establish their foothold over the North American market.

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