Essential Things You Need to Register Your Trademark


When in business, you work so hard to establish your brand identity. You want people to be able to distinguish your business by the name, logo, and products and services you provide to the consumers. Therefore, the name, products, and other features that make your business must be unique. Another company must not have used the name you use. You don’t want people to associate your company with standard products or services in the market because they cannot distinguish your brand. In that case, registering your trademark is crucial. It denies every other business the right to copy you. The following are essential things you need when registering your trademark.


One of the vital things you will need is to apply for trademark UK. You can register based on intent to use or use in commerce. It is also possible to do it manually or online. However, pulling a trademark application may not be easy. Therefore, using a trademark lawyer to help you may be a good idea. Most lawyers are affordable, so it will not cost your company much money.


The other thing you need it choosing a unique name for your trademark. Remember, you can only register the brand if the name has not been used elsewhere. Ensure the name is run through the trademark database to ensure you don’t register with a similar name. Registering your trademark with a similar name with another business can later cost you legal and revenue fees.

Owner Type

Applying for a trademark requires the owner to indicate if they want to register company name sole trader, LLC, or corporate. If you are registering as a person, you will be required to produce proof of citizenship. If the registration is for a group, like an LLC, it must create the state of formation.


As mentioned, you must state how you intend to use the trademark. That means indicating “use of commerce” or “intent of use.” If you say “use in commerce,” you must show the services and products identifying with your brand. If you indicate “intent of use,” you must indicate the products or services branded with the trademark.

Business Logo  

Like the name, you must also create a unique logo to identify your brand. You will need a drawing of the trademark you want to register. The trademarking agency can provide a picture of your trademark if you apply a word, letter, phrase, or slogan. If you register logo trademark, character, design, or symbol, you must create the drawing yourself.

Once you do the above, you will need to wait. Trademarking can be a long process, but if you apply the right way, expect a smooth process. Once the registration goes through, you have all the legal rights to use the trademark on your services and products.

Closing Words

These are essential things you need when registering your trademark. Remember, a mark helps identify your products in the market. Therefore, using it protects you from being placed with substandard products. Furthermore, you can sue anyone who uses your logo or business name to identify their products.

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