Still, checking EMI Calculators for Personal Loans?


A personal loan is a quick solution to all last-minute expenses and emergencies. It helps you deal with your financial instability during a time of need. With minimal documentation and no collateral feature, it has become a must-have for every individual. It is open to both salaried and self-employed individuals and one can easily consider a Clix capital personal loan as the right source of funds. However, when you avail of a personal loan you need to pay the equated monthly installment every month for the repayment of the loan. As soon as the salary gets credited, all the salary goes into paying EMI, and a very low percentage of the fund is left for other expenses. However, you can avoid this and also avoid using an EMI calculator to check the monthly EMI. You can avail of an EMI-free loan that can help you from using these personal loan calculators and paying a monthly EMI from your fixed income. These EMI free loans have become very popular as the process is very simple and easy. It has changed the concept of a loan without an EMI calculator and monthly EMI burden.

Simple! Get an EMI-free loan!

When you look up to lower your burden, you can go for this EMI-free loan. It is a pattern introduced by the loan industry to decrease the EMI burden. The EMI monthly has been a huge burden that takes up a huge share of the fund from your monthly income and leaves behind some residue for wishes and expenses. In EMI-free loans, the burden of loans can be decreased by 40%. In this pattern of loan, you can go ahead and only pay the interest rate amount per month and the principal amount can be paid in bullet form in three months and six months. You do not need to pay a fixed EMI amount every month, but you can pay the principal part amount at once in the scheme of three or six months. Pay only the interest amount every month and that will be sufficient. Make sure you do your bullet payment on time and with approval from your financial institution. It will be helpful to deal with your financial situation and cover up all the financial expenses without dealing with a monthly EMI burden.

No need for EMI Calculator

When you go for an instant personal loan that comes with a fixed EMI monthly, then it is good to go for an EMI calculator. It can give you the monthly amount after considering the tenure, rate of interest, and principal amount. However the EMI free loan will have no monthly EMI, so there is no need for any stressful calculation using the calculator. It will make it easy for you. Pay the interest that is asked by your loan provider and make a bullet payment from your principal loan amount. This is very simple and has no complicated calculations.

Go for an EMI free loan with Clix Capital

  • Easy and instant approval: With Clix Capital, it is easy to get hold of an EMI-free loan. The process is very instant and you can get hold of the fund instantly in your account. From application to disbursement, the entire process is easy and does not get delayed. If you offer all your details right, the expert team starts working and gets your job done within a few hours. It is very easy to get hold of a loan from Clix Capital. There is no waiting period and the process is very smooth and convenient.
  • Quick disbursement: When you choose Clix Capital, you get instant disbursement. The need for the instant fund during an emergency is very vital. Understanding this, the expert team strives to work on every loan application with equal thought and action. If you apply for an EMI-free loan with Clix, you get the best response. The disbursement is done instantly and even for the approval, it takes a minimal amount of time. There is no such waiting period. You need to keep your eligibility criteria in a good place, as Clix Capital does not compromise with that.
  • Best rates: The best rates in the market are easy to have when you apply with Clix Capital. It is offering lucrative rates for making the loan process a hassle-free one. You can easily do with all your expenses and go ahead with a smooth repayment. Make sure you negotiate with them more with the help of a good credit score and income. It is helpful for you because a low rate of interest always makes your loan a low-cost one.

Finishing up

An EMI-free loan keeps no importance of a personal loan calculator at the time of going for an instant personal loan. It is now easy to lower your EMI expense monthly from your salary as you can pay the principal amount of your personal loan in three to six months.

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