Top Rated and Reviewed Open-Source Bitcoin Wallets


An enormous appeal of online open-source bitcoin wallet is that they’re more robust than closed-source software. Or you can say the same for bitcoin wallets, which are also checked by tiring auditing process before going live on mobile devices or desktop browsers as an app store option in Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively (based on our research).

Best Bitcoin Wallets (Open Source)

We have compiled a list of our favorite open-source digital currency wallets and rated them according to criteria such as the number of supported platforms, size of social following/fans they maintain on various network sites like Facebook or Twitter. The ratings were determined by looking at each company’s publically available data via Google search engine queries for “digital wallet.”

Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin Core is a popular bitcoin wallet that offers full validation and warning system for better privacy. The UI program was designed, so it’s easy to use, making this an excellent choice if you’re not tech-savvy or don’t have much experience with open-source wallets like Exodus in terms of its interface is more user-friendly than other options; out there! You can generate QR codes that will allow your customers to pay using their mobile device without having access through cash machines and track bandwidth usage on public Wi-Fi networks while connected at home etc. Coin control allows users to keep tabs on overall transactions made by anyone else who has managed passwords, too – meaning complete control over every aspect related to cryptocurrency trading, including sending funds between addresses inside West Ham United Football Club.


Copay is available for all major platforms and provides users with complete control over their activities. You can store multiple wallets in the same app, allowing them to approve transactions on different phones or computers without having an account everywhere they go! Copays’ open-source nature also means that developers can customize it according to individual needs while still taking advantage of its security features like two-factor auths (2FA). A copay is a wallet that you can use to store money on your phone. Users have complete control over their wallets and can take advantage of security measures such as two-factor authentication for extra protection, but there’s no need! You’ll be able to verify payments with anyone else who has Copays app, too, so everyone stays safe at all times.


The Electrum wallet is an open-source Bitcoin client that allows you to recover your funds with a secret passphrase. It stores the encryption keys on your machine, never offline, and provides cold storage for additional security in emergencies like hacks or server crashes. The release under MIT License makes it very forgiving even if users make mistakes while using this software; all one needs to do now is enter their pin code twice before accessing any coins stored away – something no other product will allow! The developers of Electrum have released it under an open-source license, which means you can recover your assets with a secret passphrase. Your private keys are encrypted on the machine, and there’s no chance they’ll ever be down unless someone takes control over them – but even then, all credits go to their userbase for coming up short!


The mycelium wallet has been around for a long time, and it’s easy to see why. It offers more features than any other bitcoin wallet out there, with seamless downloading on both Android and iOS devices! This app is considered one of the ‘ defaults’ in crypto culture because its simple interface makes getting started refreshingly straightforward – even if you’re an experienced trader looking forward towards investing your money wisely.” Mycelium is the most popular Bitcoin wallet among both beginners and professional holders. It has more features than any other app in its category, with constant updates that make it easy to use for everyone who wants an affordable way of storing their precious digital currency!


The latest release of Wasabi is the most secure wallet on your computer. It’s open-source and fully anonymous, making it great for privacy lovers who want to maintain their anonymity while sending money or receiving funds in exchange without having third-party interference like with other services that monitor transactions activity closely. You can control all private key aspects within this program, so there aren’t any worries about hackers getting access! The only drawback? Without 2FA protection, you’ll need a strong password everywhere else as well. Wasabi is a desktop open-source, non-custody wallet focused on privacy. It uses algorithms that have been proven entirely anonymous, and it’s also implementing trustless coin shuffling for your convenience! You control all of these private keys with wasabis one too – but there are some limitations like lack of 2FA protection or multi-signature capabilities. However, suppose you’re looking to establish yourself as someone who cares deeply about their digital self. In that case, this might be a perfect fit since promotion levels within the community operate based on approval from two belt levels above yours which means they’ll feel more inclined towards helping out when needed.

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