Types of different home loans available online


All people today desire to purchase a home. The ambition of owning a home is shared by many people, but for some, it is an expensive endeavour. The most important strategy to get your ideal house without hurting your budget is to use a home loan.

Currently, many types of home loans are available that meet the customer’s needs and better satisfy their demand. It is also possible to avail the various type of home loans to get new apartments or houses or even restore or renovate an old property.

If you want a home loan, here is a guide on the type of different home loans that will help you a lot.

Types of home loans available 

Lenders provide the home loan not only to buy the home but also for other purposes. Here are the different types of home loans available for people.

  • Land purchase loan

Various banks give loans on the acquisition of land. This home loan gives a flexible choice to buyers to buy their home and save money under long-term investment.

  • Home purchase loan

In the aspects of home loans, the common sort is a loan to purchase a new or pre-owned home. A home purchase loan is a widely accessible loan that comes in fixed and floating home loan interest rates.

  • Loans for home expansion or extension 

Do you need a second bathroom or an extra balcony? If yes, some banks are available that offer you home loans for extension or expansion that made the alternations to existing home structures or buildings.

  • Loan for a house conversion

Home conversion loans are available for people who already take a home loan and bought a home but want to reallocate to a different home. This type of home loan is convenient for people but expensive too.

  • Home improvement loan

This home loan is related to repair and remodeling projects, including exterior and interior repairs, electric renovation, painting, etc. If you do not have enough funds to repair or renovate your home, this home loan is the best fit.

  • A home loan with a balance transfer

This loan option allows you to transfer your home loan from one bank to another to reduce the interest, improve the services, etc. This type of home loan is known as a home loan with a balance transfer.  

  • Home loan for non-resident Indians 

The application method and process for this type of loan are only available for non-resident Indians who want to purchase a home property in India. Most public sector and commercial banks offer loans to a non-resident who produces their home loan portfolio.

  • Bridge loan

Bridge loans are a type of conventional mortgage loan. It is a short-term home loan for homeowners who want to acquire their home. This loan form needs the banks to hold the mortgage for a new home, which is only available for less than two years.


A home loan benefits people who want to buy a home or renovate it without disturbing their finances. Many banks and lenders provide different types of home loans. You can easily avail of the home loan from them that best fits your need and budget.

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