What should you know about Online Trading?


In the pre-internet era, you physically bought or sold financial instruments like Bonds, Shares, etc., through brokerage firms. With that came a long process of informing the price, checking whether the deal was right, and finally confirming it but Online Trading is simple.

You can buy and sell securities by registering on the best trading platform. Online brokers are everywhere, making the trade hassle-free. There is no formula for becoming an expert, but trial and error with research, analysis, and experience makes you a decent player.

How to do it?

Study the market first and understand the terms associated with trading. Consider getting a broker or downloading an Online Trading app to simplify your work. There are numerous authentic brokers available online. Active research and analysis guide you through the techniques. Invest only in affordable stocks by diversifying your portfolio. Follow a disciplined investment approach for success.

Choosing stocks

Research and study are the pillars to becoming a master player in trading stocks.Fundamental analysis examines a company’s public views and financial reports to know its health. On the other hand, technical analysis is where the analysts detect a pattern in stock rise and fall, reaping profits.A combination of these techniques helps in identifying a suitable stock.

Choosing a brokerage partner

Consider factors like availability, reliability, alternatives, research, and products offered while choosing a brokerage partner. Get instant updates on trades, margins, profit and loss, etc. The broker should be trustworthy while providing alternatives like call and trade facilities. Research the stocks and brokers well while enquiring about the products offered.

Making decisions

Wise investment and trading decisions earn you profits. Analyse how much money you are ready to invest and lose. Realise the risks involved. Strike a balance between your financial goals and market performance.


To start trading in India, you need to open a Demat Account and Trading Account. The Demat Account shows the current securities held. It helps you take the share delivery when trading in Equities or applying for an Initial Public Offering. However, you cannot transact on the stock exchanges. The Trading Account shows the transactions of the Stock Market.

It links directly to your Bank Account, allowing you to add money to it. You can now trade in Futures and Options without shares delivery.

Opening them

Open Demat Account online by filling the form with your name, phone number, PAN number, etc. Upload relevant documents such as photographs, PAN card, signatures, address proofs, and a cancelled cheque. This requires an in-person verification to confirm your identity. E-sign the documents through the Aadhaar-linked mobile number, review, and apply within minutes.

Once the accounts get activated, you receive the login details on your registered contact number and email address. Digital technology has increased accessibility to products and services from home. Enjoy the process while earning profit.

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