8 Reasons to Buy a Kotak Assured Savings Plan in India


With time, we grow old, and our responsibilities also tend to increase consequently. From a child’s academic responsibilities to looking after ailing parents, the list is endless. While keeping everyone happy and giving them the best, we often tend to overlook our desires and requirements.

Choosing to invest in Kotak Assured Savings Plan will surely help you realise your dreams. With this savings instrument, you can always save for everything you’ve long desired.

This article will teach you some of the compelling reasons for buying the assured savings plan. Let’s get rolling.

Why Invest in Kotak Assured Savings Plan?

It is always essential to purchase a savings plan that guarantees maturity benefits. This will secure your future and show brighter days to your descendantsin your absence. Listed here are the top 8 reasons why you should purchase Kotak Assured Savings Plan:

1. Guaranteed Annual Additions

Significant yearly additions come with the assured savings plan. These additions can essentially help you to achieve better investment growth. Thus, you can save more money.

2. Assured Maturity Benefit

Any premium amount you choose for your assured savings plan will provide you with a guaranteed maturity benefit. You will receive the benefit amount only after the duration of your savings plan is complete. Remember that the minimum maturity value can significantly save capital against market performance.

3. Remarkable Flexibility

You always have the privilege of altering your assured savings plan according to your long-term and short-term goals. Besides, you can also change it according to your premium amount.

4. Loan Against Cash Value

After commencing with your assured savings plan, your policy acquires cash value right after two years. This value tends to increase over time. So if there is any case of urgency and emergency, then you can acquire loans against the policy.

5. Feasible Plan

Depositing a large sum of money by the end of every year will likely create unnecessaryfinancial pressure. So, keeping aside a small amount of money every month is always an ideal choice. Since various expenses pile up, your focus automatically shifts from your financial goals. But with the assured savings plan, you will never have to face any such situation whatsoever.

6. Guaranteed Life Coverage

The assured savings plan essentially helps in covering your family finances. So you can rest assured that you will take care of every penny in unavoidable circumstances. Thus, your family will be relieved of any financial tension and disruptions.

7. Long-Term Investors for Better Growth Opportunities

Investing for a longer duration will essentially lead to an enormous bonus in the long run. This means the more you invest, the greater the benefits and returns. So, choosing the assured savings plan will help you achieve every milestone if you have long-term financial goals.

8. Excellent Tax Benefits

After you invest in Kotak Assured Savings Plan, you can easily save the invested amount. This is because of the remarkable tax benefits offered on assured savings plans under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

To Conclude

Cutting your expenses might seem the easiest way to save money, but it isn’t. It goes much beyond this as it ultimately depends on your priorities. So, start assessing your status quo today and begin saving for a brighter future for you and your loved ones.

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