Best Savings Plan For People Having Huge Family Commitments


We all have responsibilities and commitments to follow and fulfil throughout our life. One should prepare themselves for handling financial uncertainties. This is where you can go for family saving plans to make yourself prepared to handle it without worrying so much. There are several plans like a guaranteed return plan, life insurance India guaranteed returns and many more which offer multiple benefits to the policyholder.

Here in this article, we have compiled the best family life insurance savings plans you can consider buying. Read the article further for better in-depth information. You can consider buying any guaranteed return plan from any insurance provider, such as Tata AIA Life Insurance Plans if you think it is better for your requirements.

List of Savings Plans for People Having Huge Family Commitments

Here is a list of savings plans:

  • Guaranteed Return Insurance Plan

Guaranteed Return Insurance Policies provide both pure protection and guaranteed returns on maturation. It is appropriate for consumers who desire to make long-term investments in the future. Guarantee Insurance has the distinct advantage of providing consumers with ongoing guaranteed income after maturity.

There are several benefits you can get with GRIP. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • You can choose lifetime coverage for family members.
  • You can choose distinct coverage for your spouse.
  • In addition to lump payouts, the plan offers regular or lifetime income guarantees.
  • You can always consider adding additional riders with the guaranteed return plan.
  • You can always choose the premium payment mode at your pace, annually or monthly.
  • You become eligible to get various tax benefits with a guaranteed return plan.
  • Fortune Guarantee Plus

The Fortune guarantee plus plan provides guaranteed regular income and complete protection coverage to the family to take care of your future financial requirements and needs. You can invest in a plan if you consider investing for long-term purposes like child education or marriage and retirement planning.

You can get the following benefits with Fortune Guarantee plus plan:

  • For family members, you can pick lifelong coverage.
  • With the plan, you may always consider adding more riders.
  • You may always pay for premiums at your own speed, annually or monthly.
  • With this plan, you become eligible for various tax benefits.
  • Smart Income Plus

It is a quasi, non-participating endowment assurance income plan with guaranteed returns. This plan assists you in meeting your moderate and long-term financial objectives and guarantees that your family is always financially secure in the face of adversity.

Smart Income Plus holds the following features:

  • The ability to select between regular income and endowment plans.
  • There is an enhanced and greater advantage for female lives.
  • The Income Tax Act of 1961 provides tax benefits.
  • Riders provide additional protection.
  • Smart Value Income Plan

A smart value income plan guarantees long-term stability and security to the policyholders. It is a single, quasi-, engaging life insurance savings strategy that offers life insurance and the option of selecting and earning a cash bonus until you cross the century in terms of age.

You will get the following benefits with the Smart value income plan:

  • Whole coverage for your family members.
  • You can choose additional riders with the policy if you want to add some.
  • The premiums are quite affordable with the Smart Value Income plan.
  • You will also get tax and death benefits with the policy.


Now that you are well aware of these savings plans,  you can understand the plans in detail and consider buying. Make sure to choose the plan that best suits your needs and requirements and is also under the budget.

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