Fully Utilize Online Employee Time Clock Software To Enhance Your Business


For businesses that are still tracking time manually, several flaws prevent your business from being as successful as possible. Even for companies using online employee time clock software, many of them are still failing to fully utilize the software to get the most out of their investment and make their business as successful as possible.

If you are using online time clock software, it’s essential to know how to use it properly to get the most out of it so that your business stays productive and your bottom line stays healthy. Not to mention keeping your employees happy and productive as well as staying labor law compliant.

Let’s take a look at ways to ensure you’re fully utilizing online employee time clock software to enhance business operations.

Save Time on Clocking In and Timesheets

One of the fastest ways companies lose productivity is by having their employees waste time on tedious tasks that don’t promote business. In this case, we’re talking about the team time tracking process and manually filling out timesheets.

In general, employees waste several minutes a day clocking in and out manually, leaving their job station, and going to clock in or out from breaks and lunches. This disrupts the workflow and can make it challenging to stay on task, particularly for employees that work shorter shifts where every minute counts when trying to complete a task.

Filling out timesheets is also time-consuming and takes away from an employee’s ability to work effectively, particularly if they are worried about getting paid properly.

Online employee time clock software eliminates the hassle of clocking in and out by making it fast and accessible for all employees. In most cases, employees can clock in from their mobile device or at a particular station in a matter of seconds rather than taking several minutes each time. This lets them return to work much faster and not have to deal with lines at the job clock or a tedious clock in procedure.

Since hours and pay are tracked automatically, employees don’t have to fill out their own timesheets. Automating the time tracking process means they don’t have to worry about their pay and instead can focus on the task at hand. Not only does this save time, but it also leads to higher employee morale.

Prevent Fraud

One way that businesses lose money is through time fraud. Time fraud occurs when employees purposely or accidentally falsify timesheets. Employees may opt to clock their fellow employees in when they aren’t present, inflate the hours on their timesheet to get overtime, or even perform personal tasks while on the clock instead of working. Time theft leads to considerable losses in revenue and productivity for businesses that can be devastating to their bottom line.

An online timecard system makes time fraud nearly impossible because all time tracking is done automatically and can’t be tampered with or altered without manager approval. Even then, there’s a record of every change so that everything is accounted for.

Each employee’s clock in is also unique so that no employee can clock in for another, meaning fraudulent punches become a thing of the past.

Track Labor and Job Costing

If you’re in a business that has to bid on a per-job basis, then online timesheet software has benefits that you can’t pass up. Since labor costs are a large part of job costing, it’s essential to be as accurate as possible when designing a bid for a job.

Online employee time clock software not only makes it easier to calculate employee payroll, but it stores past data from previous jobs so that businesses can see just what they are spending and how long jobs and even individual tasks are taking. This helps make bidding more accurate and thus helps improve profits on jobs.

They can even track potential problem areas and reassign staffing or make changes to adjust to situations so that jobs flow more smoothly.

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