What is a Comprehensive Car Insurance?


Cars are not only an asset but pride for your family. When you buy it, you check all the features and the comfort level. It gives you the liberty to go on road trips and commute to work without relying on public transport. It saves your time and helps you reach the destination safely. However, it is mandatory to buy insurance according to the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988.

There are two categories of Car Insurance available in India. Third-Party Liability is mandatory for all vehicles that save and protects you in every way. The comprehensive plan helps pay for the damages to your four-wheeler in rough weather, fire, theft, etc. It also covers regular risk factors for the vehicle, driver, and passengers.


There are other coverage options available under 4-Wheeler Insurance. It makes sense to buy the policy to rest assured about any claim. It is an ideal policy that protects you from damages owing to accidents, even if it is the driver’s fault. You can also include add-on riders to it for enhanced coverage. The following are the options available:

Roadside Assistance

When you browse throughCar Insurance online, you come across different plans, benefits, and riders. The Roadside Assistance helps you when your four-wheeler breaks down in the middle of the journey. The insurance company helps with moving the vehicle to the nearest service centre.

Engine Replacement

If your engine gets damaged, replace it by buying this add-on cover. Online Car Insurance saves from paying hefty fines to the authorities and for repairs after an accident. The process is easy and quick. You receive the policy document in your email, which is valid proof.

Zero Depreciation

If you buy this cover for your Car Insurance Policy, it ensures your car gets covered for the invoice value, and you receive the maximum compensation for the claim.Suppose you already have Auto Insurance. Switch to a comprehensive plan. It provides coverage against damages and accessories from fire, collisions, third parties, riots, strikes, vandalism, or natural disasters like earthquakes and storms.

How to buy?

Since the demand for cars is increasing, ensure safety while driving. Buy a Car Policy that provides maximum coverage and benefits. Visit the insurance company branch or website to check the offers, inclusions, coverage, premium, and other facilities. Nowadays, you can buy it online without visiting the branch often. It is convenient and saves time.

To buy Car Insurance online, check and compare the plans offered by other providers. You can access the websites anytime, without worrying about the timings. The costlier the four-wheeler, the higher the repair costs after damage. Since the accessories are expensive, you can minimise the car maintenance cost with a Comprehensive Policy.


Earlier, buying insurance meant discussing your needs with an advisor. Growing financial awareness and online access means you can buy it quickly, even if you are not tech-savvy. Every company offers multiple plans online with a 24*7 helpline to solve issues and queries.

You benefit from paying a lower premium to the General Insurance company, reducing the financial burden, and escaping the intermediaries, agents, and advertising costs involved in offline processes.

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