How to Assess Your Laundry Business and Increase ROI


Every investor wants a return on their money, but not all of them know how to accurately evaluate their company. Your ability to turn a profit, however, depends on a number of variables, including the quality and performance of your laundry machines, your location, and your marketing activities. Therefore, don’t lose a buyer or money by providing a low laundromat value. If you’ve noticed that your laundry business ROI isn’t what it used to be, it may be time to rethink your strategy and get back in the game. That calls for a hard look around the store to see where you can improve and where you already have an advantage. Here are some ways you can boost your laundromat’s value and profitability by paying attention to the specifics of the commercial laundry market.

Take stock of your machines

The most noticeable change is equipment retooling. Upgrading (or retooling) your laundry equipment is sometimes necessary, although not always for one specific reason. Don’t be put off by the initial expense of laundry machines or commercial iron machines; the money you save in the long run will more than makeup for the initial expenditure. Here are some of the more obvious signs that it could be time to revamp your retail space.

Examine your location.

There are some aspects of your company that you simply can’t alter. There are several, including your business location, square footage, and local demographics. But just because you can’t change your business doesn’t mean other things aren’t changing. Consider visibility, for example. Is a new sign required? Putting up signs outside of your store is one of the simplest ways to attract customers. Improve safety by installing additional lighting and adding roadside signs. The requirements of various communities may vary. Providing bilingual signage would be a simple step in the right direction. Or it could be a sign that a major change is in order, such as the introduction of a laundry/dry cleaning/ironing service.

Prioritize your customer service.

Ensuring the store personnel are dressed in branded uniforms is a little but significant adjustment. These can be as simple as branded t-shirts or aprons. Customers will be aware of who to contact in the event of an issue. Staff members should be taught to warmly welcome all visitors. Ensure that they can assist customers who may be unfamiliar with using the equipment. Good customer service also requires other elements, such as a professional phone greeting. The store’s amenities are also available to customers free of charge. Customers driving laundry carts and carrying laundry bags no longer struggle with entrances thanks to conveniences like automated doors or broad entryways. Children need access to clean restrooms (with changing tables!) and quiet spaces to read.

Additional revenue streams

One of the simplest ways to boost your laundromat’s profits is to introduce new sources of income. This will benefit both your current clientele and your ability to bring in new ones. Additional sources of income that you can explore include vending machines that sell food and drinks, vending machines for laundry supplies (such as detergent, dryer sheets, and fabric softener), free Wi-Fi, wash and fold services, and even arcade games.

You can achieve a good return on investment by balancing your laundry business’s monthly income with its maintenance costs. If profits are decreasing or you want to increase your return on investment, examining potential improvement options is necessary.

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