How to Become an IRCTC Agent and Start Your Own Travel Business


The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has completely revolutionized the process of booking train tickets in India. Established in 1999 as a subsidiary of the Indian Railways IRCTC is responsible, for providing ticketing, catering, and tourism services. Becoming an agent for IRCTC brings opportunities for both individuals and travel businesses. As an agent, you gain access to various benefits and programs offered by IRCTC. These include earning commissions availing discounts and being able to book tickets on behalf of your customers. In this article, we will explore how to become an IRCTC agent and understand their responsibilities and various advantages for individuals and travel businesses when authorized by IRCTC.

Understanding the Role of an IRCTC Agent

An IRCTC agent plays a vital role in facilitating ticket bookings and providing various travel services. They have the authority to book different types of tickets, including General, Tatkal, Waiting list, and RAC. When you become an IRCTC agent you can also assist with booking flights, hotels, and buses and even offer services like mobile/DTH recharges, money transfers, and holiday packages.

With the Internet café Scheme (ICS), agents can provide these services to customers in a convenient and accessible manner. Becoming an IRCTC agent offers a stable income, flexible working hours, and the opportunity to build your travel brand. It’s a rewarding profession that provides professional support and exclusive benefits.

Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming an IRCTC Agent

To register as a Retail Service Provider (RSP) with IRCTC, please follow these steps:

Visit the official website an authorized principal service provider.

Fill out the IRCTC Agent Registration online form.

Provide your personal details, including your name, address, and contact information.

Provide your business details, if applicable, such as the name of your retail service provider business.

Upload scanned copies of your PAN card and address proof.

Provide your mobile number and a valid email ID for communication purposes.

Attach a recent photograph of yourself.

Pay the refundable deposit of ₹1,000.

Pay the annual subscription fee of ₹1,999 + GST.

Sign the agreement required by IRCTC.

Generate and submit a public key of digital signature with all details in soft copy.

Fill out the registration form as given on the IRCTC website in both hard and soft copy formats.

Submit all the required documents and forms to IRCTC.

It is advisable to visit the official IRCTC website or contact an IRCTC-authorized PSP (Principal Service Provider directly for the most accurate and up-to-date registration process for becoming a Retail Service Provider (RSP).

If you are looking for “IRCTC agent kaise bane,” then one of the reputed principal service providers (PSP) authorized by IRCTC can provide you guidance through the process, from IRCTC compliance to the registration process.

Mandate for an IRCTC-Authorized Agent

The RSP must ensure that the transaction (Booking or cancellation) is done with the complete knowledge and acceptance of the customer.

All RSPs must maintain written/electronic requests and a copy of the customer’s ID proof for both booking and cancellation of tickets for a period of six months.

Details of the customer should be provided to IRCTC when required. Failure to provide written requests and ID proof may result in a penalty.

The mobile number of the customer or one of the passengers must be provided correctly while booking the ticket. Incorrectly providing the mobile number may result in a penalty.

The ERS issued by all PSPs/RSPs must follow the prescribed format by IRCTC and should include the name and contact details of the issuing RSP and the name of the PSP.

RSPs must issue an invoice on their own stationary for the amount collected from customers. The invoice should include details such as railway fare, IRCTC’s service charges, agent’s service charges, and payment gateway charges.

Service charges for agents are applicable only during booking transactions and there are no service charges for RSPs during cancellation transactions.

Advantages of Becoming an IRCTC Ticket Agent

Extra Income: As an IRCTC ticket agent, you can earn a commission for every ticket sold, which means money in your pocket.

Flexibility: You can work as an IRCTC ticket agent part-time or full-time, depending on your schedule and personal preferences.

Easy Setup: Setting up as an IRCTC ticket agent is a process that requires investment. All you need is a computer, internet connection and printer.

Convenience: Being an IRCTC ticket agent allows you to book tickets for your clients from anywhere and at any time, as long as you have access to the internet.

No Educational Requirements: No qualifications are needed to become an IRCTC ticket agent. Anyone can pursue this opportunity regardless of their background.

Expanded Customer Base: By becoming an IRCTC ticket agent, you can attract customers by offering them the convenience of booking their train tickets through your services.

Free Training: IRCTC provides free training to its ticket agents, which can help you become more efficient and effective in your business.

When you become an IRCTC agent IRCTC ICS (Internet Cafe Scheme) offers and wide range of benefits and services to agents, from expanding their travel business to providing tour packages. With the guidance of an authorized principal service provider (PSP), you can establish your own travel business with the authorization of IRCTC.


In conclusion, registering to become an IRCTC can be challenging but offers a promising opportunity for business growth in the tour and travel sectors. Individuals or travel businesses can take advantage of these IRCTC agent schemes (Internet Cafe Scheme) to access an expanded customer-based platform of IRCTC to provide various services from catering to travel booking, and much more to their customers. If you are searching “IRCTC agent kaise bane” then SiOnline an IRCTC-authorized principal service provider (PSP) can provide professional guidance from form registration to compliance to the IRCTC regulations.

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