How to Buy an Annuity That’s Right for You


Annuities are an avenue for people to invest for retirement without worrying about most market risk and generate a long term income. However, like most financial products, an annuity, a once straightforward solution, has become pretty complicated with many different options to select from. Today, there are numerous annuities, where each is customized to cater to specific needs and situations.

They also provide unique benefits with varying levels of reward and risk to ensure you have money available for your retirement. To be most comfortable, choose one that suits your situation. The following are tips for buying an annuity.

1. Don’t buy one too young or leave too late

Generally, with income annuities, the older you are, the higher the annuity payments will be. This is because someone who is, for instance, 78 years old isn’t likely to live as long and subsequently to get as many payments as someone who is 15 years younger. So, even though the same amount was invested, the monthly payments will be larger for the older individual because the life expectancy is less.

Therefore, it is important to ensure you don’t purchase your annuity too early. If you are looking for companies that buy annuities because you need a larger payment faster, We Pay More Fundingis the perfect candidate. At the same time, you should avoid delaying for too long before purchasing an annuity. Most companies refuse to sell annuities to anyone over 80 years.

2. Purchase your annuity when the interest rates are higher

Another tip to get the best annuity deal is to buy when the interest rates are much higher since you’ll receive more income from the same amount. Therefore, it is wise to consider waiting for the interest rates to be at a higher level before purchasing. Another option is to stagger your annuity purchases over some years to lower the risk of investing all your money into one when the rates are low.

3. Only pay for what you need

To get the best deal, only buy the annuity options that suit your needs. If you have dependents, you might want to consider a basic annuity offering the highest income in order to comfortably support your family. Furthermore, if you have life insurance, getting a joint-and-last-survivor life annuity might not be necessary as that provides payments to individuals after death.

4. Don’t trade in the options that you need for higher payments

Your regular annuity payment amount is vital. However, choosing the options that suit your needs is equally as crucial. Say you don’t have any other source of retirement income, you can add the indexing option to ensure that your income can keep up with inflation. If you fail to do so, you’ll discover that your payments could potentially buy much less as the years progress.

Resist the urge to trade in your needs for currently higher payments if you want to get an annuity that’s right for you.

Take away

Getting the best annuity for your needs ensures that you reap maximum benefits in retirement. Something important to note is to avoid investing all your savings into the annuity. When unforeseen eventualities like medical emergencies occur, you’ll need to have some extra cash at hand. For more information feel freetocontact with We Pay More Funding.

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