SEO Copywriting: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?


SEO copywriting is a specialised type of online writing that includes:

  1. Your target reader can find the information she is looking for by typing keyphrases into a search box.
  2. Search engines (such as Google) rank online content higher when it is optimised.
  3. Ensures qualified traffic is driven.

Quality copywriting is SEO copywriting. It’s that simple. You shouldn’t use keyphrases that make your writing hard to read, sound repetitive, or lose focus on converting visitors.

What are the differences between SEO copywriting and traditional copywriting?

The main difference is that SEO writing contains keyphrases. A keyphrase might be [blue cashmere sweaters].

We type keyphrases into Google every day, don’t we? To find answers to our questions, we type words into Google’s search box.

The thing is, SEO copywriting is more than just inserting keywords into content. Google wants authoritative content that answers your readers’ questions and stands out from the competition.

Apparently, you can stuff a bunch of keyphrases into your content and still get a high ranking (commonly known as “keyphrase stuffing.”)

No longer.

SEO copywriting serves two purposes

Things have changed because Google has gotten smarter. For Google to rank your content at the top, it must now be high-quality content.

In actuality, your content serves two masters.

The first thing you need is for your readers to love it. It is important that your content is relevant and enjoyable to your readers – something that informs, entertains, or enlightens them.

On the other hand, Google needs to know what the page is about by how the content is written. Making this happen helps your content “compete” with other pages.

The  best practices of SEO copywriting  can be applied here.

What helps content rank in search results?

It is important to note that there are many factors that affect search engine rank (where a page ranks on Google’s search results.)

The periodic table (found on Search Engine Land) shows that most of the elements on the left-hand side focus on content quality.

Your SEO success depends on the research, the words, and the freshness of your content.

In case you’re worried…

  • Google isn’t showing your pages
  • Pages on your website aren’t converting
  • You never really liked your content anyway, so it’s outdated
  • You haven’t optimised your content, and now you think it’s time to do so

SEO copywriting can be a huge opportunity for you!

The best SEO is great content, as Seth Godin points out.

You can finally start to see someworthy search engine positions if you create content that grabs your readers’ attention, answers their questions, and drives incoming links.

And to achieve this, you can utilise the services of an  SEO Company in London.

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