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If there is no SEO, the content might not come up in search engine rankings and the traffic in the webpages would be too less. The first-page ranking might not be able to help much if there is no SEO. This is why good SEO and great content should go well together. If you are looking for a good link building and  SEO agency along with someone that handles ad management services, you could check out the website provided:

SEO Writing Tips for Great Content

1.Write for the Audience:- The major SEO writing tip is to write for the audience. It might look easy yet so many companies make content in the wrong way. You could write content that appeals to the interests of the target market or to answer their queries. All posts need not be about the products and services offered by the brand but should be related to the industry. Consider yourself as an expert in the industry and write SEO-friendly content that is informative and evokes interest to do it better than the competitors.

2.Keep Matters Under Control:- You could get the traffic and credit the website deserves by keeping the original content under your domain name. This means that if something happens and you have to opt-out of hosting with Blogger or WordPress, you could host the blog in a subfolder on your domain. Try to include other forms of content such as infographics, videos or whitepapers. Make sure to embed them on your website and share them as well. 

3 A.Create Punchy Headlines:- small amount of text can make a huge impression. Hence, never underestimate the power of effective headlines on SEO. Make clear headlines that are interesting and use rich keywords. In addition to this, make sure that the meta descriptions are interesting and could be elaborated on the topic of the article. Always remember that the title and meta description shows up in search results and hence, make them accordingly. 

4.Create Keyword-rich Phrases:- Make use of relevant keyword-rich phrases in headlines throughout the content to let the readers and search engines know about the post.  However, too many keywords would result in disinteresting the readers and could invite search engine penalties for keyword stuffing. The use of keywords should be a thoughtful process. It should feel more natural. Make use of blog tags by tagging a few relevant keywords for each post. Most blogs have general tagging capacities that are built-in. 

5.Structure the Posts:- The content in your post might be great but would seem lost in an inefficient and unorganised format. Break the content into smaller paragraphs with headlines which becomes an easy read that can keep the readers engaged. Back-end organisation could be key for search engines. Make use of proper hierarchy when you tag the headlines. This is important to maintain a well-structured article.

6.Add Images:- Make the posts attractive and colourful with the help of images. Adding an image in the blog post would make a big impression. Other than promoting blogs across social media, you could post with images and pin them to garner more traffic. 

7.Boost Content using Social Media:- Social media is a powerful tool that could promote sharing and reach new audiences. Posting each article on social media sites, using cta and engaging descriptions would help. Have share buttons on your blog so that you or the audience could share the article with their friends or relatives. If you need more control over links and on how they appear when shared, you could make use of Twitter cards or Open Graph which could boost the shared link to improve ctr. 

8.Implement Authorship in Google + Account:- It is an easy and quick way to tie content to an author. You need a Google+ account. The articles would come up as rich snippets in search results and would feature the author’s photo and article title. This tool is great for personal promotion and could increase the click rate of articles. If you are an author, this method would help you out.

9.remote Natural Link Building:- Link building has come a long way from the days of link buying. However, they are still an important ranking factor for SEO.  Linking your articles or website to your posts would make sure that you get a link back to your website if the article is picked up by another site. If you have creative infographics or videos, add an embed code to the website to help in promoting content sharing. If you create great content, it would help increase the shareability and likelihood that other websites would link to you. So aim at making good quality content. 

10.Monitor Activity:- You could stay on top of the SEO friendly content by monitoring your efforts. You could make use of various tools to track the page views and average time spent by audiences on your page. Check bounce rate and find out how users interact with the website after landing on your content. If you see a drop in average time spent on the website, it is an indication that the content was not relevant or was not interesting. You could check the number of social interactions to gain an idea of the virality of the post. Look at such simple metrics to gain an idea of the content that is well-received and linked so that you could replicate similar content going further. 

Effective and high-quality content creation needs experience and expertise in the subject or the niche market. Hence, if professionals are hired for the task, the job would be much easier. It would be a better option than forming an in-house SEO or content creation team as well. You could easily find various agencies that offer services like content creation, SEO and link building. You could reach out to them, check their previous work and plan and work together to make your brand have a strong online presence.

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