Explore Domain Parking and Why You Might Want to Choose It


A website’s success depends majorly on its domain name. A perfect name with a right keyword combination will increase traffic to your website. It also creates the first impression about your website. Business startups and novice web developers usually take the domain name registration towards the end, for they think it as a simple task. In reality, it is not easy to find good domain names as they are taken quickly by other websites. To have your desired domain, you have to register it as early as possible. Here, you may be wondering what happens if you don’t use it. Domain parking comes in here.

What is domain parking?

If a registered domain is not actively used, for certain features such as website and email hosting is turned off, it is called parked domain or domain parking. Being parked for a later use, it allows you to run advertisements on the website, which will bring revenue even when the domain is inactive.With a parked domain, you get to earn money if visitors land on it and click the advertisements exhibited.

Generally speaking, parked websites are non-functional, except for the advertisements that the landing page contains. In this case, the domain operates as a junction where the user can either click on relevant advertorial links or bounce off the page.

Some benefits of domain parking?

Businesses choose domain parking not to earn revenue from it, rather it is a way of waiting for a perfect domain name. Though a parked domain will not suit everyone, it helps many others in one way or the other. Individuals who have good URLs, and are not sure about how to use it can utilize it to earn money.

If you cannot run it as a fully functional website, you can use it to earn money without doing anything. Domain parking is a very promising way of earning money if your business involves purchasing of domain names. Domain parking when combined with domain investing will bring good revenue.

If you have an unused domain, parking a domain is an amazing way to get returns by its own, and it is better than keeping your website idle. If you are into earning money with a parked domain, here are some domains worth investing in them.

Misspelled domains

There are a plenty of websites on the Internet that people type on the URL space bar of the browser. Most people type them wrongly causing misspellings and incorrect pluralization. You can find innumerable of them happening every day. If you can cash park some of the misspelled domains, you can earn money.

Latest Domains

This is a completely different strategy when compared to purchasing misspelled domains. In this case, you can buy a domain that has been never used before. The advantage of buying a new domain is they are very cost-effective and affordable. Moreover, you have the privilege to sell those domains for a profit later too. You can earn extra money through this.

EMD Domain

EMD domains are high-volume keyword domain names. Some people purchase domain names that are widely in use with a TLD extension and end up landing on a domain without getting the expected result. You can purchase such domains at a lower price and use them for domain parking.

Expired domains

If you think misspelled domains and other types of domains could get you in trouble, then, you can go for expired domains. This will bring more results than the new and misspelled domains. The expired domains can bring in more organic traffic, as well as revenue.

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