Want to send money to India from Germany? Here’s a guide to help you out


Living in a foreign country while your loved ones are in India can have its advantages and disadvantages.When it comes to sending money to India to your loved ones, there are a number of ways you can choose to send money to your loved ones. You can choose the best way as per your preference.But one of the most secure, safe and fast ways to transfer your funds to India is by bank transfers. Let’s find out why.

Remitting money to India from any part of the world is not as daunting as it sounds. Thanks to the internet, you can successfully go through with the process of money transferin Germany.Because of how hectic and untrustworthy the other transferring services can be, banks are, to date, one of the most reliable money transferring service providers. It is possible that your family, friends, relatives or other people you know in India need some money; you can transfer your funds to help them if you want. The easy and convenient process makes it one of the most preferred money transfer providers in the business.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to transfer money to India Germany

1. Make a list of the best service providers

When you want to send money to India, Germany, you will come across several money transfer options. Make a list of all the services that give you the flexibility to transfer money to Germany. Different service providers will offer different features and benefits via their services of fund transfer. Your job should be to find out the best qualities of these providers.

2. Compare the exchange rates and other fees

Compare the transfer fees and the exchange rates charged by various banks. Once you get a clear idea of the amount of money you are required to put into the transfer charges, you can go ahead with the service provider. Your goal should be to achieve the best possible service quality within the least possible amount of fees and exchange rates.

3.  Book your remittance with the bank

Once you choose a suitable bank service for the transfer of money, book your remittance. At the time of booking a money transfer to Indian Germany, you are required to provide the amount you want to transfer to India. The bank will ask for other details relating to the receiver’s bank account. Provide these details to go ahead with the money transfer.

4. Transfer money to the bank

To initiate the transfer process, you need to deposit the booked amount at the bank. Your job is to transfer the needed amount from the bank account you have in Germany. Send this money to the bank service you have chosen for the transfer. The process is easy as it requires a simple electronic fund transfer.

5. The final transfer

The bank will receive the decided amount of the money. Then, this amount will be changed into the Indian rupee as per the exchange rate you have agreed upon. Then, the money is transferred to India directly in the bank account of the receiver, according to the details you had provided initially.

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