The advantages and disadvantages of e-recruitment


These days, recruiters are starting to migrate to the digital realm, leaving the “traditional recruitment methods” behind. However, a professional IT recruitment company knows when it’s better to choose e-recruitment or traditional recruitment. Even though online methods have become increasingly popular, there are some disadvantages that recruiters may encounter:

  • Increased competition – companies use numerous strategies to attract the best candidates. Although the IT industry is growing, there is a shortage of workers. So companies are doing their best to attract talented people to ensure business development.
  • Impersonal and rigid – A significant disadvantage of online recruitment is that it is based strictly on online interaction. Although it is more efficient, it seems more rigid and impersonal compared to face-to-face interviews. In other words, much of the entire process does not involve any direct contact between employee and employer. This lack of direct communication can lead to confusion and ambiguity.
  • You can attract unsuitable or even bad candidates – It is easier to apply online, so there could be lots of underqualified and unsuitable candidates for a specific job. This can make the process of selection more difficult for you. Some of the candidates who apply will not be sufficiently qualified to fill the post. There are candidates who apply just to check their chances of getting the job.

The advantages of e-recruitment

There are some important advantages of e-recruitment that make the process preferred by the majority of recruiters:

  • It’s time-saving – Compared to conventional recruitment methods, the online platform helps IT recruitment companies find the right candidates faster. Also, e-recruitment methods include efficient CV screening according to the company’s needs. In this way, the most suitable candidates are selected for the next step.
  • Reduced recruitment costs – There are a lot of things to consider in traditional recruitment, such as advertising and travel costs. So with e-recruitment, your company can significantly reduce costs. Online interviews, receiving applications by email or managing recruitment advertisements are just some of the positive aspects of online recruitment. In this situation, costs are minimal and the time required for each stage of the recruitment process is reduced.
  • Good chances of finding the best candidate – Having established a profile of the ideal candidate, recruitment goes much faster and more efficiently. With an accurate job description and an attractive job offer, the chances of finding the right candidate for the job will be much higher.

E-recruitment includes modern methods of recruitment. It eases the job of the recruiters and also helps them reach the best people for a specific job. So, the development of technology has some important benefits in the domain of recruitment.

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