Tips to Prevent Theft at Construction Sites


Theft at construction sites is a major challenge that homeowners and stakeholders have experienced for the longest time. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) concluded that over $1 billion value of assets is lost at construction sites. Thieves steal approximately 50% of all the construction equipment from sites, with a mere 10% recovered. The top targeted tools include; tractors, loaders, mowers, excavators, generators, etc.

While you have the option to report thefts, it may take longer to replace/recover the lost items. Besides, the whole process is extremely costly and wastes time.

Here are some security measures that you can implement to curb theft at construction sites:

Put Security Cameras

Investing in high-quality security cameras is one effective way of preventing theft. In fact, most business owners use security cameras to protect their assets. Thanks to technology that security cameras are ever advancing. Nowadays, cameras are equipped with Wi-Fi to transmit on-site images anytime, anywhere, cellularly. Most of them can record live videos and share them through cloud-based platforms. With the availability of video surveillance options, it is also possible to stream footage videos to trace an item when lost.

Hire Certified Security Guards

If your site has lots of pricey equipment, it is a good idea to hire certified security guards. Security assistance can be a good investment rather than risking your valuable items. Search for top companies, and meet and evaluate their experience levels. Make sure to hire a team that will provide the best services. After hiring, request them to stay at the site both during the day and night to monitor all activities closely. Also, be sure to report any suspicious activity to your local police.

Carry Out Thorough Background Checks

Performing due diligence when hiring employees for your construction work should be the first step in managing theft cases. Avoid working with people involved in convictions for theft cases and other crimes in the past. Thorough background checks are vital; you need to know the person going to work for you. The interviewing process should be fair and just but with a lot of focus on your employee’s behavior.

Register Your Equipment

Some companies can allow you to register heavy and valuable equipment for safety purposes. For instance, National Equipment Register has a law enforcement mechanism that helps victims of theft to recover their lost items. Each item is labeled uniquely and posted in real-time national police data systems. If your equipment gets lost, they can easily identify and return it to you. Registering with such companies not only guarantees recovery but also prevents would-be thieves from targeting your assets.

Secure Your Site

Criminals often get in to steal when a site has no physical barriers. Ensure a fence surrounds the construction site to keep nosy neighbors away. Strangers don’t have to get a clear view of equipment as they may be tempted to steal. You shouldn’t necessarily go for an expensive fence; even a temporary barbed wire with chains can be good for security purposes.

Physical barriers can include:

  • Fencing/walls
  • Strong locks and padlocks
  • Effective lighting
  • Security signs

Moreover, add a few posts indicating “No Trespassing” to protect victims from getting access to tools. Put all valuables in sealed storage boxes and cargo trailers at all times.

Install Keyless Entries and Fuel Cut-Offs

Keyless entries and fuel cut-offs are other antitheft methods business owners use to protect their items from theft. Most manufacturers usually install key cut ignitions on products, and they work in the entire system. This is to the advantage of workers as they will not have to scramble for one key. Anyone can access the equipment key making the construction process to be smooth. However, if somebody happens to steal the key ignition, they might easily access your equipment. This is why installing keyless entries that cannot be stolen is important. Fuel cut-offs are used the same way as keyless ignitions, only that they can cut off the fuel supply after use.

Maintain a Comprehensive Inventory

Companies and business enterprises have lots of assets. It is not possible to remember everything that you own off-head. And you can never tell what is missing from your company’s store if you don’t have a detailed inventory. Inventories help to take note of all the equipment, how they have been used and where they have been used. In caseof anything, it will be easy to file a police case. You don’t necessarily have to write all single items in an inventory, just group items of similar categories together to make it easier to trace them.

Install a GPS Tracking Tool

GPS tracking tools allow you to trace and track all the activities at the construction site. They make tracking assets in the most rugged and intense conditions easy. You will get instant alerts when any equipment is removed from its designated location. Also, they are equipped with calendar templates that allow for easy identification of unexpected or unauthorized use. In case of any theft cases, the tracking tools help trace the items, reducing replacement and insurance costs that could be incurred. Compliance management solution provides a powerful framework for business owners to monitor and access the standards of their employees continually.

Pair Construction Equipment with a Tracking Software

Pairing GPS tools with construction equipment is another excellent way to track your assets. The tracking software reduces the costs that would have otherwise been used to fund insurance premiums. It also optimizes construction operations because even operators are sure of 100% safety. Moreover, it is a surefire way of protecting items that could have been rented, borrowed, or provided by other third parties. Tracking soft-wares give you full control over your assets and all general operations.

Preventing theft is a mission on its own. There’s no exact solution for curbing theft cases, especially at construction sites. You can only be successful if you use the right mechanisms. Investing in a good compliance management solution can save companies from many headaches and hassles of recovering lost items. That is a combination of cloud-based software together with GPS tracking devices.

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