Why Hybrid events platform to be great demand in Post covid scenario


The world is eager to bounce back to physical events as soon as the pandemic is over. Attendees are missing the personalized greets and handshakes at in-person events. But, one thing is for sure, the virtual component will still be attached to it. The major reason lies herein, it helps in extending event reach exponentially. Additionally, attendees might not be comfortable being a part of large gatherings just after facing the pandemic.

The global pandemic has been a major challenge for the event industry.As ways of hosting events have completely flipped.  Businesses are left with no other option rather than switching to virtual events. While changing your entire event format is never a simple option. Event strategy, planning, ways of promoting events have been completely changed with the change in event patterns.

By now everyone is well aware of virtual events as it has gained immense popularity over last year. The hybrid paradigm is currently evolving. Even after the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic eases hybrid event model is likely to persist. In this blog, we will talk about hybrid events and why they will be in demand post-pandemic era too.

What Are Hybrid Events?

A live physical event with virtual components attached to it is known as a hybrid event. These kinds of events are organised at an on-site venue and are paired with a virtual hybrid event platform. It offers flexibility to attendees either to attend an event in-person or virtually from their remote locations. Organisations and brands can reach anyone around the world with the help of hybrid events. Yet containing the essence of face-to-face interactions! Apart from the extended reach and flexibility, hybrid events offer much more. Leveraging the right hybrid event platform that comprises of most engaging features is the key to ensure a successful hybrid event.

Look for a platform that offers options for engagements to keep attendees hooked with the event for longer hours. A platform that has the ability to organize Q&A sessions, incorporate live polls, quizzes, virtual games, etc. during the hybrid event is the perfect platform for hosting your event. Additionally, make sure that the platform you opt for offers enormous opportunities for networking. It will allow your virtual attendees to connect and network with other attendees present during the event effortlessly.

Why Hybrid Events Are The Future Of Event Industry Post-COVID?

It has been well anticipated that hybrid events will be the future of the event industry post-pandemic. As per the recent survey, a large percentage of event planners and organizations have voted to include a virtual component in their future events as well. Additionally, the merits offered by hybrid events are endless right from extended reach, flexibility to tracking accurate event data and delivering real-time event experiences. The below-mentioned reasons clearly indicate why hybrid events will be the future of the event industry, even post-pandemic.

1. Enhanced Reach and accessibility

Hybrid events allow businesses to grow beyond geographic boundaries. It enables attendees from any part of the world to be a part of the event. Thus resulting in drastically increasing the event reach and allowing a large segment of diverse attendees to participate in the event from afar.

A hybrid event allows a small segment of attendees to attend an event in person. Whereas a larger percentage of attendees tune-in in virtually from their remote locations to attend a hybrid event. Thus, increased event reach results in better brand visibility and boosts business revenues. If you wish to reach a global audience, you can do that with hybrid events as it does not have any location barriers.

2. Flexible event format at affordable prices

Another advantage of the hybrid model is that it allows for greater flexibility and agility at reduced costs when compared to traditional events. A hybrid event format allows organisers to scale up the event effortlessly.

There are a variety of reasons, due to which hybrid events are a cost-effective alternative to complete live physical events. If a substantial section of the audience will attend an event online, organisers can choose an event venue with less capacity. Additionally, they will look up cost-effective event facilities, and they won’t require as many on-site operatives for duties like catering, security, and maintenance. It considerably reduces the cost involved in hosting physical events. Apart from this, the cost involved in traveling and booking accommodation for sponsors gets even reduced. As some sponsors will take part in the event remotely.

3. Offer sponsorship opportunities

The hybrid event model offers enormous opportunities for sponsorships. Today, sponsors and exhibitors are more willing to participate in an event that has a virtual component attached to it. Thus, giving them an opportunity to extend brand visibility and making their brand reach millions instantly. Scaling down an event’s physical aspects will also improve its sustainability. It helps in lowering carbon emissions by reducing travel and in-person attendees at an event location.

4. Offer better opportunities for growth

As hybrid events have a virtual component attached to them, the event is recorded. It can be shared across social media platforms to promote future events and attract more attendees. As social channels have an enormous number of active users, sharing your event clips helps in even attracting those attendees who are not part of the event.

A hybrid event allows both in-person and online attendees to contribute to the event. They can simply share their comments in sessions, vote in live polls, take part in other activities, and more. The hybrid event scales the events effortlessly and offers enormous opportunities for business growth.

Over to You

Hybrid events are growing in popularity as we are moving ahead with time. Today, it won’t be wrong to say that hybrid events are here to stay for long. And undeniably the future of the event industry. The benefits offered by hybrid event format offer many opportunities for businesses to scale and boost their presence and generate ample revenues. If you have not yet thought of taking your event hybrid, think about it and take your business to the next level.

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